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Flow/Pressure Switches


JHT # Desc Connector Price  
2002+ for LED J-300 Models
(Curled Finger Connectors)

Example Finger Connectors

2002+ for LCD J-300 Models

(Box End Connectors)

Example Box  Connector


Help Installing New Switch to Old Plugs

Troublesome FL1 error on early model See Here


Other Flow Switches Used on Limited Spas

353111 6560-646 6560-852
Common Gatsby Spas As pictured with 2" piping and box end connector. As pictured w/o cord; Has 2 studs on top to clip on cord.
$104.00 $65.69 $52.32


J-200 and Del Sol Models


Flow Switch Education

Flow Switch vs Pressure Switch: Most of _'s spas use a flow switch. If you have a 24/7 circulation pump you likely have a flow switch. On a few models the #1 Jet pump is 2 speed. On low it does the heating. This design uses a pressure switch. In both cases, the switches are simply on/off switches. They tell the board if enough water is moving pass the heater element. If not, the unit will not turn the heater on and give a flow error. What the board looks for is for the switch to be OPEN when the pump is off. If so, it turns the pump on and now looks at the switch to be closed. If so, the board turns the heater on. IF either situation is not true, the board will not turn on the heater and will give an error message.

Flow Switch: As pictured, its a fairly simple to replace. It IS directional. So make sure the arrows point in the direction of water flow. On most the housing is clear so you can see the switch. It consists of 2 parts; the flap and the post. The post remains stationary and contains the switch. The flap is AWAY from the post when the pump is off and against the post when the pump is on. A clear housing allows you to see if that is true and if not, gives indication to the problem.

Pressure Switch: Most switches are adjustable. Problem is there is a "sweet spot" that the switch must reside in. If the adjustment is pass this sweet spot, you will get errors.


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